Fast but fabulous food at Vapiano, Oxford Circus…

Vapiano 2

Let’s face it, fast food has something of a bad rap. It’s reputation precedes it and generally, like an East 17 reunion, cold callers and Virgin Media, it’s not a good one.

Now I’m not going to say I’ve never had a brown paper bag from either a certain set of golden arches or the home of the ultimate cardboard kids party crown but generally speaking, I’ve either been in my early and impressionable teens or at least one bottle of rose down and desperate for something to soak it up at the point of consumption…

Vapiano is fast food. Quality fast food. Yeah, you heard me. It’s quick, it’s reasonably priced and actually, it tastes great.  Read More

A chic dining experience to start the day off right at the Riding House Cafe…

Riding House Cafe b

So sometimes you wanna go fill your face somewhere low key. And sometimes you wanna dress up and make it special. And sometimes you head out, not knowing which one of these you’ll end up and that’s kind of exciting too.

J is a walking encyclopaedia of London. It’s not a lie to say I’m half thankful and half jealous of the fact that he always knows somewhere good to go for food and drink and the Riding House Café is where we ended up when I said I was craving really good scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast. Don’t get me wrong – the poached egg is close to sheer perfection in terms of look, taste and texture but every now and again, you want the humble egg scrambled. Scrambled well. Not shrivelled and brown and beaten into submission by a spatula with PMT.

You want fluffy, velvety yellow, creamily, buttery delicious scrambled eggs. And you want them laid alongside delicately silky pink pieces of fresh salmon. And you want both of these on top of bread. Good thick cut sourdough bread. Well toasted. The kind that doesn’t allow itself to be flattened into submission by its topping but rather sits proudly on the plate and says ‘come, sit on me, I can take it and then some’.

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