Enjoying a Brazilian for once in Soho at Canela…

image (18)

There are some things in life that it’s just best to accept that the majority of women will have differing opinions on.

Heels vs flats. Boy bands vs rock. Scruffy vs preppy.

Every girl, lady, broad, dame, chick, diva knows what she likes and what she doesn’t and generally, any sentence with the word ‘Brazilian’ in it will fall into the category of what she doesn’t like.

Hand on heart, I’d be the same, except now, I’d make damn sure before agreeing that you weren’t in fact, talking about Canela,  a super sweet Covent Garden hideaway that serves up outstanding food of the Brazilian kind.

Being out and about and looking for a  lunch that wasn’t going to take up the whole afternoon or leave you in a food coma that only a four hour nap on the sofa will cure is sometimes a harder task to fulfill than you might imagine but Canela superbly delivers.

Small but regularly and reassuringly busy when we arrived, a huge glass counter top presented its wares of homemade Brazilian pastries in a gorgeously appealing way, the service was warm and friendly and the tables overlooked the street in a way that suited the nosiest of people watchers…me.

Light and flaky golden pastry stuffed with chicken, onions and herbs was utterly delicious with the kind of flavours that made me wonder why I’d never tried this South American cuisine before. Trust me when I say there’s no doubt I will be trying it again.

image (19)

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