Loving the summer and good friends at Greenwich Food Market…

greenwich 4 Greenwich 5

I don’t think there is anything better than good food with good friends. I mean, those are literally the ingredients for the happiest time you can spend in the company of others.

I’d like to nominate Greenwich for one of the prettiest, loveliest, most picture perfect parts of London and although some may moan at the fact it’s a little off the beaten track, that just adds to its charm IMHO. You generally have to make a little effort to get there but that just makes it even more worthwhile…then you feel like you’ve actually earnt the pleasure that a few hours there will deliver. 

As well as wonderful places like the Cutty Sark, the Old Royal Naval College and the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich boasts an absolutely amazing market. Enter from one end and have a stroll through stalls offering unique gifts. Enter from the other end and accept that you may never see those gifts because oh my word, there is a lot of fantastic food to look at, dribble over and purchase in a feeding frenzy.

From vegan cupcakes at Ruby Tuesdays that blow the lid off any doubts that vegan baking is bland and unexciting to fat, golden crumbed arancini balls at Mamma Mia’s, there is literally something for everyone. If you can’t find a dozen things you want to sample immediately here, I think you were probably absent the day that taste-buds and noses were handed out.

Another point in its favour is that although it’s a decent size and always busy, it doesn’t have the occasionally unenjoyable, frantic, desperation of other markets like Borough, where you don’t so much wander round in your own time as get carried along with thousands of other people. Even when you make it outside here, goodies in hand, there is always enough room for everyone to feel that they have their own little corner of soft, green grass heaven and they’re not sitting on top of hundreds of strangers,

On this particularly awesome sunny summer day, J and I had a completely fabulous time with the equally fabulous KTT and JP, a couple perfectly matched to us in that KTT and I share the same food addiction and J and JP share the same willingness to go along with that. Willingness…resigned acceptance…same thing. Perfect.

The lunch menu on this afternoon consisted of incredibly good lamb and halloumi wraps at Victus & Bibo (https://twitter.com/victusandbibo) that just smack you in the face with utter deliciousness with every juicy, succulent, spiced, slightly oozey cheesy mouthful…

greenwich greenwich 2 

…followed by the best churros in London from Brazilian Churros (www.facebook.com/pages/Brazilian-Churros/414828015305429)

greenwich 7 greenwich 6

I mean, come ON! Let’s just forget for a second that they double stuff the churros in front of you with caramel and chocolate sauces and roll the whole blessed things in cinnamon sugar, you can also rest safe in the knowledge that by using fresh vegan dough and homemade vegetarian sauces and having them served to you with recycled napkins and biodegradable cutlery, you are absolutely helping both your body and the planet…that’s a win win in my book.

greenwich 3 greenwich 8    

So the next time you want a day out somewhere with food that’s worth the journey in a setting that makes you want to move into SE10 immediately, then bus it, DLR it, boat it, flipping roller blade it if needs be to Greenwich Market, get a global picnic, find a spot on the plentiful green lawns and soak up the fact that you’re lucky enough to live in the best city on the planet.

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