Mastering the ocean…at a sushi masterclass…

sushi sushi 2 

Looking for a cute date for J and I, I came across an awesome offer for a make your own sushi masterclass.

Delicious food in a fun environment? Sign me up. In fact, sign us both up…

Located a gentle 10 minute walk from Hammersmith tube, Suzu has a warm, friendly, open vibe from the moment you set foot inside. Tables are laid with rolling mats and everyone patiently waiting to get fishy was wearing that excited-but-slightly-nervous-smile that comes when you’re looking forward to the experience ahead even if you’re not quite sure what it entails…

sushi 4

Our host for the afternoon was Makiko and she was absolutely tremendous, very gentle, patient and obviously in love with the food she prepares and shares with others. You don’t need to have had any experience whatsoever of sushi other than popping it in your mouth because Makiko leads you through each type of roll, step by step, a glass of warming plum wine by your side.

The two hours flew by and at the end of the class we had a full box of sliced-by-our-own-hand Hosomaki (seaweed encase rice, salmon, avocado and red pepper) and inside out rolls (with the rice on the outside of the filling) and Nigiri sushi (clumps of rice topped with stunningly pretty salmon slices) to take away with us…several pieces had already been chowed down throughout the class.

sushi 3 sushi 5

I can’t recommend this class enough because as well as gaining the basic skills needed to make your own sushi rice and fashion rolls that look a million times more impressive than they actually are (wonderful for impressing dinner guests) you also get a real understanding of the history of this food and how easy it is to incorporate both the creation and eating of it with children and first timers to the sushi dinner table. No-one was an expert, no-one was left behind as we moved from one type of roll to the next and there was definitely a competitive edge that came up towards the end when a prize of Makiko’s cookbook was offered for the best looking box of sushi…

If you’re looking to try something that’s new but not too terrifying for sushi novices – no eel or scary looking fishes waiting to be dissected –  and you want something that you can share with a friend or perfect on your own, this is a fantastic way to spend a few hours and to make you want to explore this cuisine further.

sushi 6  

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