Gatsby and Gail’s…

So a girls date night had arrived…woo hoo!

‘The Great Gatsby’ at the Electric Cinema followed by Lebanese food with the utterly gorgeous KTT.


However arriving half an hour early with a fellow food obsessive and the (not unpleasant but long) thought of nearly 3 hours of Leonardo before dinner, we knew we’d need something to tide us over. Piles of bread and cake in any window are guaranteed to draw me like the proverbial moth to the baked goods flame and Gail’s Bakery was no different.

Gail’s has 15 artisan bakery locations across London and although I’d often seen that cheery red awning and inhaled the inviting smell of baking, I’d never been in so now was as good a time as any to try it.

Stepping inside, we found smiley servers and a warm, busy room full of Notting Hill yummy mummies having a post-school run treat. I’m not gonna lie, it’s somewhat of a challenge not diving face first into the counter but thankfully, we abstained from such an action…this time.

Hot chocolate – creamy, warming and full of strong, deep cocoa flavour.

Brownie – squidgy, chocolatey in the extreme and topped with golden toasted pecans.

Muffin – soft, crumbly and packed with the sweetness of fat, juicy blueberries.

Literally nothing not to like and split between ladies who devoured everything with the speed that’s characteristic of food lovers who sometimes can’t savour but instead have to gobble. I swear, swear, it’s more attractive than I just made it sound…

I would come back here in a heartbeat to try some of the savoury offerings…a loaf of caramelised garlic bread topped with melty oozy Brie and sat beside a bottle of Cotes du Rhone would be just the thing for a ‘it’s-Friday-and-I-survived-the-week’ dinner.*

*Feel free to substitute Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday…no judgement here, potentially just a ripple of applause…

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