Post Trekkie dining at Union Jacks, Covent Garden…

I think Jamie Oliver is awesome. I do. I admire how he wants to make good food better and more accessible for everyone. I love his energy and his passion and his enthusiasm. It’s just a shame it didn’t quite translate for me into Union Jacks.

Billed as the place where ‘wood-fired flatbread pizzas meet great British flavours’, I really wanted to like it. I really wanted to love the food and rave about it because generally, that’s what my hope is for every place I eat at and every thing I consume but apologies to you Jamie, it just didn’t do it for me here.

Don’t get me wrong, the food isn’t bad here. It’s decent food cooked well, however it’s nowhere near as exciting or even as interesting as I’d expect from someone like Mr. Oliver.

After a good few hours spent aboard the U. S. S. Enterprise with Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pine, I was hungry and ready to eat the kind of good, ‘treat’ type food that signals a good Friday night and the start of the weekend.

The Banger pizza seemed a good place to start promising Cumberland sausage, roast sweet onions, house-smoked Westcombe cheddar and English mustard. It arrived and it was sizeable which, when you’ve had a couple of beers already, is usually a welcome sight. Only thing was, the toppings weren’t quite as generous as the base and as such, it didn’t quite deliver the wow flavour factor that I was after. It’s kind of disappointing when a pizza turns into more mouthfuls of plain cheese and tomato dough than anything else.

The service was fine and the setting, smack bang in the middle of Covent Garden, was also fine. We didn’t have to wait too long and the food was not overly expensive.

Thing is, fine is a suitable adjective to describe say, the weather. Or a cup of tea. or a bus journey down the high street. It’s just a bit disappointing when it’s the most exuberant a word you can honestly think of to describe one of the restaurant chains of a very exuberant food champion.

2 thoughts on “Post Trekkie dining at Union Jacks, Covent Garden…

  1. Oh that’s really a shame. Granted, we haven’t been there since coming back from Sydney but we had several really great meals/evenings out at Jamie’s Italian in Guildford – I wonder if all of these chains and different ideas are watering down Jamie’s usually big flavours and ideas? I hope not…but I guess for now I’ll stick to making his 30 minute pizza which is very satisfying. 🙂 xxxx


    1. I’ve only done Jamie’s Italian once and it was gorgeous but this was just really basic and not what I’d expect. His new diner brand as had ok reviews but the menu doesn’t amaze me either I’m afraid. Can’t get enough of his Fifteen Minute Meal shows though…we love Mr. O! xox


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