Avo heaven in east London…

The most perfect avo on toast in London. Ooh. Controversial maybe but I stand by it. Not only that, I challenge you to prove different.

Zealand Road 2

Picture this…it’s a warm summery weekend morning, you’ve had a lie in and emerged blinking and sleepy into the sunshine, your mood is chilled but your tummy rumbles, you want somewhere simple, non-pretentious and super relaxed. Well follow these simple directions and prepare to go somewhere you’ll quickly want to become a regularof…

Pop on your sunnies and your Toms.

Grab your best gal or guy pal.

Take a stroll along to Roman Road.

Enter the Zealand Road Coffee Shop.

Smile back at the lovely peeps inside who will always smile at you first.

Ask for avo on toast and whatever beverage will make your heart sing.

Grab a seat outside or in the sun kissed window and culture yourself up with the paper for a few moments.

Your food arrives. Paper down please. Napkin on lap. Knife and fork in hand…

…and eat. Stuff yourself on blissfully, perfectly creamy and delicious avocado sprinkled with chilli flakes and drizzled with a squeeze of lemon and lovingly lavished over freshly toasted bread.

Prepare to be just a little bit sad when you’re done but don’t fear because though your plate is now (potentially licked clean) empty, your tummy is full of love for a the simple delights of a great meal served well.

Make a mental note to return soon and enjoy the rest of your day.

2 thoughts on “Avo heaven in east London…

  1. Last night Matt and I decided that avo was the only green veggie you actually WANT to eat – as opposed to eat because you know you should (we decided this while staring gloomily at our plate of steamed green beans and broccoli). There is absolutely nothing better for a simple breakfast (or brunch, or lunch, or supper, or dinner) than exactly what you’ve described. xxxx


    1. This is true but I have to throw a spanner in your works here by saying I believe avocado is a fruit so you’ll have to find another green veg to like…how ’bout peas? Or sprouts?! I literally can’t believe how many years of my life were avo free…such a waste! It’s THE perfect food. xox


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