A small but perfectly formed way to start the day at Caravan, Exmouth Market…

When an out-of-towner comes to stay, you want to take them somewhere nice.

When that out-of-towner is one of your best friends, you want to take them somewhere really nice.

It’s always a gamble going someplace new especially if you’re the one saying ‘oh yeah, it’ll be great!’ but the good news is that on this occasion, Caravan more than delivered the goods. Phew.

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Simple pleasures at Kaffeine…

Now out of all the places J and I have been to, together or alone, this is probably his favourite for breakfast. He has simple taste really. Simple…but ahem, excellent obviously.

Good coffee and awesome porridge to heat you from the inside during bleak, wintry mornings. Not a lot to ask for but for it to be done well? Yeeeesh, some places make it seem harder than you’d think.

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Oversized and overly delicious food at The Breakfast Club…

The Breakfast Club is definitely a perk of living in London. Some might say there are more, let’s call them ‘obvious’ ones – museums, theatre, shopping, parks, galleries, markets yaddah yaddah yaddah but the Breakfast Club? American style breakfasts with a twist, served in portions large enough for the Waltons, the Bradys and the Simpsons themselves to all gorge on in one sitting? Definite perk.


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