Fred, Judy and homemade hot cross buns…happy Easter!


A time of tradition.

A time of reflection.

A time for getting your buns hot and cross and for getting your Fred and Judy ‘Parade’ on the tv.

hot cross buns

I’ve never made my own buns from scratch but this year, with the help of uber silver fox Paul Hollywood, I was determined that that would change. Some things you want to do to prove to yourself that you can and this was one such thing….one such very time consuming thing!

With a proving time alone of 3 separate hours, Hollywood’s recipe is not one to make if you’re short on time or patience. That said, the flat smelt beyond amazing with the scent of warm spices filling the air and the end product was utterly delicious especially when split, toasted and slathered with butter. Actually, isn’t that how most things are best served?

Paul’s recipe is simple to follow and I would definitely advocate trying it if you’ve yet to do so because there’s a real sense of accomplishment when they are (finally) ready!

Definitely one to say ‘great, I’ve done it’ and definitely one to impress with but I’m afraid my greed wins out over my pride here so it’s definitely one to buy from the shops next time. I’ve got too much chocolate to eat and too much singing along to Judy to be nipping in and out of the kitchen for anything other than a plate refill of toasty buns…

hot cross buns 2

2 thoughts on “Fred, Judy and homemade hot cross buns…happy Easter!

  1. All of the Silver Fox’s recipes do seem to be pretty time consuming, but worth it in the end – do you think, being a dead fly hater, I could make this with chocolate chips? Or have another suggestion?
    They do look lovely and glossy and plumper than shop bought 🙂 xxx


    1. You could totally make this with chocolate chips! Or maybe dark chocolate chunks and cherries? The satisfaction of making them was immense but I have to be a kitchen heathen here and say that the ease of M&S is just too seductive for some things 😉 That said, we did toffee, chocolate and fudge hot cross buns which I didn’t get on board with…it’s odd to see something that looks traditional but have it taste different! xox


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