Loving, nay, adoring, the chickpea at Hummus Bros, Soho…

hummus bros 2

You might think a restaurant that pretty much serves only hummus is limited. Excuse my dictatorial tone here but you’d be wrong.

I am thankful to J for many things and this, oh ho, this is definitely one of them. The hummus here is honestly so damn good that any thoughts you may have had about maybe wanting something else as well fly out of your head the moment that first taste of fresh, warm, pillowy pitta laden down with creamy hummus hits your mouth.

Long wooden tables and benches and a refreshingly casual and unpretentious atmosphere instantly make you feel a) comfortable and relaxed and b) unconcerned about the hummus you may well end up throwing down yourself in your haste to get more of it into your chops.

Service is fantastically genuine and friendly and as fast as the delivery of the food. Dive in. Get your fingers messy. Don’t stand on ceremony. Defend your half of the bowl. This isn’t perhaps the place to take someone you haven’t eaten in front of before but it’s definitely the place to go when you want tasty, delicious, healthy, filling food. Just two words of advice – elasticated waistband.

hummus bros

One thought on “Loving, nay, adoring, the chickpea at Hummus Bros, Soho…

  1. Aw this place really is lovely! Service was unbelievably good and the hummus was bodacious…although officially hubs’ hummus is still my favourite 🙂 xx


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