A small but perfectly formed way to start the day at Caravan, Exmouth Market…

When an out-of-towner comes to stay, you want to take them somewhere nice.

When that out-of-towner is one of your best friends, you want to take them somewhere really nice.

It’s always a gamble going someplace new especially if you’re the one saying ‘oh yeah, it’ll be great!’ but the good news is that on this occasion, Caravan more than delivered the goods. Phew.

image (11)

Sunny Sunday morning and en route to Greenwich for the day, something delicious was on the cards. Caravan near Exmouth Market in Farringdon is open plan, popular and, you get the feeling, something of a local hot spot. We managed to squeeze in without waiting too long and watched the lively tables fill and re-fill around us – younger couples in a sleepy, rumpled, contented state; older couples enjoying organic coffee and the papers; groups of friends chatting energetically, all were here and all were catered for.

Picking polar opposites off the menu, our coconut bread with strawberries and lemon curd cream cheese and our Caravan fry up arrived promptly. Now don’t get me wrong, the food was delicious. The coconut bread was thickly cut with a near perfect crumb and the cream cheese had the perfect balance of tang from the lemons and lush creaminess from the cheese. Sadly, there just wasn’t enough.

To be fair, across the table from it sat a platter heaving with what were described as ‘amazingly delicious’ eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast so yes, my wee plate of yumminess was under quite an auspicious shadow but really, however slowly I tried to eat and however delicious each teeny spoonful was, my plate was still wiped clean long before my friends.

I’m not a greedy girl. Honestly. Despite what some of my other reviews might suggest.

I just like to go somewhere with someone and guarantee that your dishes, from the same menu, will be of a similar size. I like to feel that when I’m going somewhere for brunch, it will be of a decent size. Sometimes quality outweighs quantity. You wouldn’t want the richest flavours and ingredients in the world to arrive at your table in a dish so big it needs half the kitchen staff to carry it. Equally, you don’t want to relive Phoebe’s can’t-find-Monica’s-fancy-food-portion moment.

So whilst I can’t fault the service, the menu or the prices, I would have to warn you that a general enquiry as to the size of the portion would be my only caveat when eating here. It was a good thing we were off somewhere with a food market because heaven knows, the deeply divine churros helped fill the hole. I just kind of wish they hadn’t had to.

image (12) image (13)

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