Simple pleasures at Kaffeine…

Now out of all the places J and I have been to, together or alone, this is probably his favourite for breakfast. He has simple taste really. Simple…but ahem, excellent obviously.

Good coffee and awesome porridge to heat you from the inside during bleak, wintry mornings. Not a lot to ask for but for it to be done well? Yeeeesh, some places make it seem harder than you’d think.

Kaffeine is one of many tiny Aussie coffee houses in London; one of many but definitely at the top end of the spectrum.

Everyone lucky enough to have bagged a seat inside is content in their own little world and you just know it’s a favourite little secret to each one of those people and although they want to tell you about it because it’s awesome, they kind of also don’t for fear of over exposure.

As one of the world’s few coffee haters, I can’t pass judgement on their beans and the cups they grind them into. I’ll just say that J, who does love him a good piccolo, always has a blissfully happy look of contentment on his face when we a) go in there, b) go past there or c) mention it.

What I can comment on is that they do damn fine porridge with enough toppings to keep even the fussiest breakfaster happy. Reasonably priced, it’s filling, creamy and warm without taking the roof of your mouth off and the addition of muscovado sugar, golden syrup, dried fruit, compote, honey and nuts really does raise it from a good bowl of the stuff you were probably force-fed as a child to a meal in itself that you could easily develop an addiction to as an adult. Just ask the boy.

2 thoughts on “Simple pleasures at Kaffeine…

  1. Would you say that compares with my 3 minute oats plus salad-server-sized spoonful of Nutella that starts most of my days?!
    On a separate note, sounds like a good place for me to sample a mocha 🙂 xxx


    1. Ha! So your oats to Nutella ratio is a either a bit skewed or totally normal depending on your viewpoint…?! He absolutely loves it there and apparently they do a mean slice of banana bread too. It’s very small so if you go when it’s busy you can’t be guaranteed a seat but I guess that’s the luck of the draw and it’s good for them! xox


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