Oversized and overly delicious food at The Breakfast Club…

The Breakfast Club is definitely a perk of living in London. Some might say there are more, let’s call them ‘obvious’ ones – museums, theatre, shopping, parks, galleries, markets yaddah yaddah yaddah but the Breakfast Club? American style breakfasts with a twist, served in portions large enough for the Waltons, the Bradys and the Simpsons themselves to all gorge on in one sitting? Definite perk.


With 5 locations spread across the capital and a 6th opening soon, The Breakfast Club is something of an institution and it’s not hard to see why.

The prices are reasonable. The locations are fun. The portions are monumental. The staff are friendly. The food itself is supremely delicious. All factors which mean that there’s generally a wait but it’s always going to be worth it. In the name of research, I’ve sampled the Soho, Angel and Spitalfields branches and I could wax lyrical about them for rather a long time.


At the Soho branch when it rains, they bring you shots of hot chocolate! I mean, come ON, how fricking cute is that?!

o-matic o-matic

Back for another jaunt on another weekend, EJ and I had a lovely early Sunday morning stroll through the back streets and sex shops of Soho with a more-than-fair reward of the All American – a spin on the full English served with pancakes and maple syrup- and the Huevos Rancheros – eggs, chorizo, beans, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and cheese stuffed tortilla – accompanied by thick caramel and Elvis (peanut butter and banana) shakes. Ugh. It’s actually almost too delicious to even write about.

There literally is nothing on the plate that is not phenomenal and you literally cannot get it on your fork and in your tummy fast enough. Delayed gratification? Err, not here. Totally worth the fact you’ll be waddling all day afterwards, this is the time to wear your own version of Tribbiani’s Thanksgiving pants.


The Angel location has aced a mid-morning brunch delivery of hot chocolate, Greek yoghurt layered with oats and berry compote and a side of French Toast that left me stuffed fatter than the turkey at Christmas but probably, in all fairness, much happier…


…and the Spitalfields branch did not fail to deliver with a sweetly juicy pulled pork burger and chunky, golden fries cooked to perfection. If you live in London or know someone who does, this post is probably not new information to you. Someone else will have raved about this place to you. I only hope you listened, visited, ate and can now pass the love on.

Breakfast Club Spitalfields

2 thoughts on “Oversized and overly delicious food at The Breakfast Club…

  1. Siiiigh…. I could do with this, this weekend – but it will have to wait til the end of August 🙂 Angel branch here we come!!! I like to think I’ll try something different every time we go somewhere new but I have a feeling the American will be pulling me in!!! xxxx


    1. I think the lovely E has that down as her favourite too…but anything with chorizo and avo always gets my vote! The trouble with Angel is that there are too many nice places to eat…you;ll be spoilt for choice 🙂 xox


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