Feeding the hungry Mexican within at Cafe Pacifico, Covent Garden…

Sometimes food and an activity are perfectly matched. Sometimes they’re polar opposites. Can you guess which category a date involving the chuckle-fest that is ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and Mexican food might fall into?

After nearly 3 hours of fairly intense subject matter, the pay off absolutely had to be frosty Coronas with fat lime wedges and belly-busting, finger-licking, losing-your-cool-over nachos and chimichangas. Cafe Pacifico in the heart of Covent Garden was just the place to dish out all of the above…

Cafe Pacifico 2

Noisy but in a welcome way after 160 minutes of dark, hushed conversations, the place was lively, bright and welcoming and the servers although clearly busy, were cheery and prompt.

A short wait at the bar with the first welcome beer was followed by damn good nachos – laden with toppings as opposed to what happens 99% of the time with nachos where the first few are overloaded and all the others remain bare and unloved – and a chimichanga, spicy, warm and satisfying that clearly weighed more than my arm…and yet was polished off without any apparent difficulty. Shocking I know.

This ain’t the kind of place to visit for a quiet low key dinner with your hard of hearing older relatives. This is so the kind of place to visit when you want cold beer, lusciously cheesy-sour-creamy-guacamoley laden food and that majorly pleasant, slightly fat, somewhat buzzed feeling that results from having both.

2 thoughts on “Feeding the hungry Mexican within at Cafe Pacifico, Covent Garden…

  1. I did love ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ but oh my, yes it was heavy and I felt like I’d been watching for about 3 days as opposed to 3 hours! I think Coronas and salty nachos were definitely a worthy reward for making it through this film 😉 Mexican has got to be one of my most favourite cuisines ever!

    Ohhhhh….now I’m hungry…..xxx


    1. It’s a great, loud, vibrant place for full on Mexican feasting…we did Chipotle for burritos last night…oh my goodness, they were phenomenal! Fat and warm and spicy and drippy and stuffed with black beans, brown rice, carnitas, avocado, cheese, sour cream, salsa and coriander…washed down with ice cold beer 😉 x


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