A good time always involves cheese…well, it does at Androuet at least…

As someone freely obsessed with cheese and safe in knowing the un-shakeable truth that cheese, bread and red wine comprises one of life’s most faultless meals, searching for a perfect fondue outside of Paris or err, the packet mixes that Waitrose sell (sounds dodgy but tastes pretty damn good!) has been one of my missions for some time now.

Thankfully it has now been completed since visiting Androuet, a completely stylish, beguiling and utterly swoonsome cheese shop/restaurant inside Spitalfields Market.

According to their website, the House of Androuet has been around since 1909 and if it’s ‘sister boutiques’ in Paris and Stockholm are even a fraction as fabulous as this place, they’re going to be around for a very long time yet.

Petite on space, super sized on charm, this is the place to take someone you very much like who, in turn, very much likes cheese in all its varying forms. A three course meal featuring cheese as the main component of each plate might sound overpowering but here, each is presented so beautifully and in such a perfect portion size that they complement rather than clobber each other.

A cheeseboard with enough variety and enough customer friendly suggestions from the staff to make selecting its components a pleasure not a panic.

A fondue thick, rich and silky enough to dive into and eat your way out of.

Ice-cream with a tart blue cheese kick and sweet walnutty crunchy round off this fromage feast perfectly.

This is an absolute treat of a meal with fantastic service from the fantastically French brothers who run it and who care passionately about their food and the pleasure you get from eating it. In short, it is an immaculate celebration of food.

And really, who doesn’t look good in romantic, intimate candlelight…even if they have got fondue dripping from their chin…

2 thoughts on “A good time always involves cheese…well, it does at Androuet at least…

  1. I can’t believe we were right outside this place and didn’t go in – who cares about other plans, cheese is a-waiting! Think this could be one for hubs and I to try! xxx


    1. I know! It’s a perfect, perfect, PERFECT date night place but a) don’t eat for many hours beforehand and b) prepare to be overloaded with rich, oozey, gorgeous cheese 🙂 x


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