Raspberry and lemon curd brioche pudding…

There’s something about a cold, dark, grey Sunday evening that, unless you have the following week off and are headed to tropical climes to sip drinks with umbrellas and lay on white sands, can be fairly miserable.

Good thing then that this perfectly described as above Sunday evening had new ‘Homeland’ and home baked pudding to cast a little light into it’s gloom.

Custard and Carrie Matthews.

Really. Does it get any better…?

Only if you add fresh, juicy raspberries and soft, tangy, lemon curd slathered brioche fingers to the custard and a sofa and blanket to the tv viewing…oh wait.

We did.

And it was goooooooooooooooooooood…

raspberry lemon curd brioche pudding 2 raspberry lemon curd brioche pudding 

This completely finger licking recipe can be found here and it is with my utter thanks to it’s creator that I urge you to try it…


2 thoughts on “Raspberry and lemon curd brioche pudding…

  1. I’d say this weekend probably falls into that category – a lovely week weather-wise ending not with a bang but a whimper! I self-prescribe lemon curd…plus fresh raspberries from the lovely new deli round the corner (which you will LOVE) just so I can call it one of my five-a-day…..xxx


    1. It’s so good but then most things are with the addition of custard! It’s the sweetness of the brioche and the richness of the custard it’s baked in plus the tang from the lemon and the raspberries make it less overwhelming that hot chocolate pudding although that is amazing too! x


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