Heaven is chocolate and girlfriends done Cocomaya style…

cocomaya cocomaya 5 

Right dear reader, grab your favourite lady because this is the place for blatant girls’ time! I’ve been to Cocomaya twice now, both times with an esteemed female friend and both times with great results. I have to admit, it’s not always just the food that lures me inside to battle with my arteries, it’s the unashamedly charming but brash look and the style of the place…

It’s not unusual to find window upon window in London of cakes as ornate and elaborate as a Paris Fashion Week show – pastries that seemingly need a ladder to scale as they tower above you and croissants so plump and pillowy that it seems a crime not to lay  your head down upon them. What makes Cocomaya stand out for me is the hot pink script and fluorescent colours laid out on a dark chocolate brown backdrop and the combination of patisserie, butterflies and beautifully presented gift bags. Yeah this is not a place for the man in your life unless that man is Jack from ‘Will & Grace’. On this occasion, this was the place for a long overdue catch up with my beautiful friend G.

Inside it has a sweet, old fashioned air about it, charming table service, mismatched crockery and cutlery and splendid murals on the wall. Who could ask for a better souvenir of the day than a photo of oneself with a monkey sat atop their head?


Warm, soft croissants generously stuffed with ham, Béchamel and cheese were an excellent start to lunch but really, you don’t go to a chocolate shop come bakery come little piece of heaven for any real reason other than to sample something indulgent. If someone ever said differently, I’m afraid you should know that you were lied to.

Dessert was molten, glossy and oh-so-moreish hot chocolate which perfectly complemented the chocolate custard morning cake which had rich and flaky chocolate pastry interwoven with silky, chocolatey, creamy custard. Custard. Chocolate. Pastry. Doesn’t actually matter which way round you say it, it’s going to be the stuff of dreams.

With attentive and friendly waitresses who gave the impression that if you wanted to sit and while away the entire day over endless hot drinks, it would absolutely be their pleasure to let you do so, Cocomaya is a lovely little oasis in which to spend some quality time with your bestest gals.

cocomaya 2 cocomaya 3

2 thoughts on “Heaven is chocolate and girlfriends done Cocomaya style…

  1. Holy moly……chocolate, custard and pastry are three of my favourite words put to extremely good use here! I like the sound of the decor too, fluoro is always a winner with me 🙂 I can think of another lady (well, two actually) who would enjoy this on a girly day come September! xxx


    1. Sorry to say but one of those ladies has already been there! However I’m sure a return visit wouldn’t be objected to 🙂 It’s lovely and a bit different to the stereotypical floral chintz that seems to be everywhere else nowadays. x


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