Cooling down in the summer heat with Tutti Frutti…

Ever since I discovered frozen yoghurt on my first trip to LA, it’s been something I can’t get enough of. This is partially because in the neurotic female part of my head, I tell myself it’s low fat and therefore good for me. And yes, you are correct. The ‘good for me’ label does includes the hot fudge sauce, the smarties, the marshmallows, the sprinkles and the odd sneaky strawberry that I load on top of it too.

tutti frutti

Frozen yoghurt has been around since the 1970’s although the first variations weren’t massively popular due to their flavour. Once it became a sweeter product with a texture and taste more like ice-cream, it’s popularity began to pick up although ironically now, as with so many things in pop culture, we seem to have come full circle with tarter tasting flavours now back in demand.

There are several places in London now where you can feed this particular habit – Snog, Moo and Pinkberry spring to mind – but they don’t all allow you the genuine thrill (stick with me here) of being able to serve yourself and that’s where Tutti Frutti comes in.

There’s something distinctly satisfying about holding that tub under the machine, telling yourself you only want a smidgen of each flavour and then filling it to the point where carrying it becomes the kind of upper arm strength workout Jillian Michaels would approve of.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, an absolute rainbow buffet of toppings awaits you and again, you tell yourself a light dusting of coconut and maybe some kiwi is all you really want.


Keep telling yourself that as you smother the sweet frozen mountain you just created with gummy bears, Oreo crumbs and white chocolate krispie treats. You can totally be that person who gets plain yoghurt and tops it with fruit. And next time you totally will be that person.


2 thoughts on “Cooling down in the summer heat with Tutti Frutti…

  1. Hahaha! I’m in complete agreement with you on the ‘low-fat’ thing – I bought Ben and Jerry’s fro-yo and despite eating the whole thing in 2 days, told myself that the honey in it was good for me. We seriously need to go here together one hot sunny day this summer!! xxx


    1. You know what’s really sad? I found out recently that this place closed down! I know! I marched the girls round there one weekend and it’s gone 😦 Pinkberry at Selfridges is still phenomenal though and well worth a visit! x


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